My New Best Friend

I had a wonderful day in third grade today, in one of my favorite schools. I had a really good student teacher (who moonlights as a KU cheerleader). She had an amazing way of creating an air of serenity in the classroom, barely raising her voice much above a whisper. I was in awe, and wonder what great things she’ll accomplish during her future in education.

I had one little guy who en50-brown-crayontered the room, then sat on the floor in the corner, so obviously having a terrible day. I made a point of asking him where a couple of things were that were mentioned in the lesson plan for the day. He showed me, then picked up his coat from where he’d left it on the floor and went to his seat. He was back a few minutes later asking if there were other things he could show me. I replied by asking him what he thought I should know about. So, he gave me a tour of all the important things around the class that a substitute had to know. I thanked him profusely for his helpfulness. He was beginning to perk up a bit, to come out of himself and to leave his bad morning behind. He continued to be my helper during the day, occasionally relapsing into what I found out later was not an uncommon mood for him. But, I was generally able to joke him out of it. I sharpened his pencil for him, then told him he owed me a dollar for the service. I asked why he had a marker and a crayon of mine that had my name on them (brown). All in all, he had a pretty good day. And I have a new best friend.

When I got home, I found this e-mail message from the classroom teacher who I’d been filling in for:

Mr. Brown,

Thank you so much for taking care of my students today. My student teacher said you were excellent and the students responded very well to you.  I am so pleased. Also, thanks for the detailed note, correcting papers and being a great presence for the children.

Then she asked me to fill in for her later this month when she’ll be at another training.

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