Multiplication Facts

As you probably know, the whole fourth grade splits up into different groups for math. We are all working on multiplication facts through 12s, but we all go about it in different ways. In my class, we are learning songs (with ukulele accompaniment). If you have a child in my math group, ask them what songs they’ve learned and about the voices they use to sing with. We also play a series of multiplication practice games that I’ve developed over the years. You can find them here on my site. Go to links for parents  > math. I also encourage you to get your fourth grader on some electronic practice games. For these, go to links for kids > math. Look for multiplication games. Or just go directly to Any extra practice at home will only help your child. We will be using multiplication the rest of the year in a variety of settings. Kids from a couple of classes are playing Diciplication in this picture.


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