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Remember that the Internet may be cool, but some of the information you need may only be found in books and maps. Don't forget about them.

Online Resources...
Please don't just pick the first listing on the pages you visit. Look through the links and find really good ones to use.

~~~Facts and Trivia & Roadside Attractions~~~
Facts & Trivia - Interesting facts & trivia about Kansas.
Basic Kansas Facts
More Kansas Facts
Kansas Nicknames - What they mean and where they came from.
Interesting Places to visit - Roadside attractions

Kansas Photo Tour - Roadside attractions, museums, facts & trivia
Tall Tales - Two tall tales set in Kansas

~~~Geography,Regions,and Natural Resources~~~
Kansas Geography - Rivers, regions, and more!
More Places to visit - Landforms and water bodies

Rocks and Minerals of Kansas

~~~Famous Kansans~~~
Famous Kansan's Biographies
Famous Women of Kansas
Kansas Artists

Interactive Kansas Map - Pick a county, then scroll down to "local history" where you might find some famous people.
Kansas Gunfighters - You may only use one of these guys. If you choose one for your presentation, you must also choose at least one other famous Kansan.

Kansas State Historic Sites
Historic Kansas Day Trips
Historic Lecompton
Constitution Hall
- one of Lecompton's historic museums
Lecompton Highway Sign - On 40 highway, this sign tells a brief history of Lecompton's part in the Bleeding Kansas conflict.
Native Americans in Kansas
Nicodemus, Kansas - A town that was started by ex-slaves.
Interactive Kansas Map - Pick a county, then scroll down to "local history".

Paper Resources...

Kansas textbook
World Book Encyclopedia

Kansas books from the library
Scott-Foresman social studies textbook
Kansas Road Map

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