How to Request a Specific Sub

I had a good teacher day in a fourth grade classroom I’ve been in three times already this year. I also taught these kids several times last year in third grade. Really nice group, though as usual, there were one or two who needed some behavioral guidance. This teacher has been requesting me by text, using the phone number I’ve left her on my business card. I’m pretty sure that sub phone numbers are also listed within the program. When I OK the date, then she gets onto AESOP and requests me specifically. If you’re a teacher wanting to try this, here are directions from AESOP.

You may have someone in mind to sub for you for a future absence. If that is the case YOU will need to notify the substitute before entering the absence into Aesop, confirm that they can work. Once the sub has agreed to fill your absence, you will create your absence on Aesop, select “yes” when asked if you need a sub. Next you will click the box “SAVE AND ASSIGN”, which takes you to a screen to select the sub. Find the substitute and click “Assign” by their name. CAUTION! This option should ONLY be used if you have spoken to a substitute first and obtained confirmation that they will fill that job. Aesop WILL NOT notify the substitute for you and no reminders will be sent.


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