Favorite Things

During the first week of school, 4B kids brought one of their favorite things to school. They wrote a paragraph explaining why their choice was a favorite. They colored their name and glued it onto the paragraph and also glued a photo of them and their favorite thing. Some students brought stuffed animals or toys. One brought an alligator head! This was a fun, getting-to-know-you activity and also gave their teacher a first impression of their writing and spelling strengths and needs. These writing/art projects are on display in the hall in front of the classroom. I hope parents will have a chance to see them when they visit the school. They will still be there on Back To School Night on August 24.

Pictured are our three students who are new to Lecompton Elementary this year. They are all welcome additions and are already fitting in and making friends. This looks like a good group of fourth graders and this year promises to be a good one full of learning and fun.


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