Return Engagement

So, as I was reviewing, highlighting and underlining the classroom teacher’s plans yesterday morning before school, the teacher from next door stuck her head in. She just wanted to introduce herself and to tell me how much my teacher LOVES having me sub in her room. Well, that was a shot in the arm and a great way to start my day.

We had a few extra minutes before leaving for lunch, so I told the kids I’d read to them from the teacher’s read-aloud novel. They were so disappointed! Since I’d been in this room before, they really wanted me to read from Sideways Stories From Wayside School, the book I bring with me each day… just in case. I was happy to oblige and flattered that they remembered it and liked it so well. They were also hoping to play some of the group educational games on my iPhone. I had to tell them that we might not have time today.

While checkdiceing over the plans in the morning, I found that for math, the plans said, “Play three math games”. The teacher said that she would  be working in the building, so I went looking for her briefly, knowing it was probably too early for her to have arrived. Having taught for decades, I’ve learned and invented lots of math games. So, I went on a scavenger hunt of game materials. Luckily, I found dice and playing cards. Perfect! After teaching them the games, I split the class into groups and had half play Diciplication while the other half played Royalty, two multiplication practice games I invented years ago. Half way through the period, they switched tables and played the second game. You can find those games here on my site under Tips for Parents > Math, or just click here. When I ran into the teacher later in the day, she was thrilled at how I’d handled the situation. She was also surprised that she had decks of cards!

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