While reading a story set on the prairie, fourth graders are learning about it’s setting, which is a big part of this story. As a hands on activity, the class marched out to our beautiful Nature Study Site to look at it’s setting. An acre of native prairie and flowers, grasses and trees, its a wonderful spot for some active learning to take place.

After discussing how authors describe things by using what they learn from their five senses, the class spent about a half hour exploring the NSS with their senses and recording it with their nice, sharp pencils. Some of the treasures they found included, a butterfly that landed on a child’s pencil as she wrote, a little tree covered with  juicy plums, a bubbling fountain and a bird’s nest. If you have a young author in this class, you might like to ask them what their favorite part of the Nature Study Site was. One girl said she wished she could live there.

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