1. Study a few words each night. Review the ones already learned, or at least the hard ones. Then do a review of the entire list on the night before the weekly test. A study buddy can be of great help.

2. Try writing spelling pyramids. On the first line, write one letter. On the second, write that letter and one more. Continue doing this until you have all the letters forming the base of the pyramid. See the example below.


3. Play hangman with one night’s worth of words with a study buddy.

4. Write spelling words in alphabetical order.

5. Write sentences using as many spelling words as possible in each sentence. (These can get pretty goofy and fun.)


See the word.
Pronounce the word.
Etch the word. (Write it with your finger.)
Listen to the sounds in the word.
Look away the word, then spell it.
Examine the word.(Look for double letters or other things that are easy to remember.)

7. Organize words by how many syllables they have.

8. Keep magnetic letters on the fridge for easy access to those spelling words!

9. Rainbow Write your spelling words. Use red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple crayons or markers to practice writing your words!

10. Jump rope while spelling!

11. Trace the words in wet sand or dry salt!

12. Type your spelling words into a word processing program like Word. Let your student chose a special font, put them in columns, or select special graphics to coordinate with the words!

Have you got some more fun ways to practice spelling? Email me and I’ll add your ideas!