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A+ Math: Flashcards Use these electronic flashcards on line or print them out to practice whatever math facts you’d like.

SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator Print off worksheets & keys to check them with for extra practice at home. Homework Help

Math Games that you can play on-line. Check out some of the other games here too.

Mr. Brown© Math Practice Games

Royalty© – Multiplication Facts Practice
Materials: deck of playing cards, a score sheet and pencil.

Regular Play: After shuffling, two or more players take turns picking two cards and multiplying them. They earn 5 points for each correct answer. Jacks are played as lls, queens are 12s. If they pick a Royalty, or king, they replace it in the deck, then get two other turns. A joker means you lose a turn.

Fact Family Practice: If you only want to practice 3’s problems or 7’s problems or any fact family, you can just lay out a seven card, a three or whichever you want to practice, and pick one other from the deck.

If you want to practice 1s through 5s, you can have a second stack of just an ace, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Then you pick one card from that stack and a second card from the big stack and multiply them.


Diciplication© – Multiplication Facts PracticeMaterials: dice or number cubes (dice with numbers instead of dots.) Number cubes with 12 sides will work for all fact families. You can buy them inexpensively at toy stores.

Roll two dice and multiply the numbers facing up. For individual fact families, only roll one die and multiply it times the number being practiced.


Diciplication Extreme© – Multiplication and Addition Practice

Materials: 20 sided dice or number cubes (can be found at Fun & Games on Massachucetts Street in Lawrence)Roll two dice and multiply the numbers together. Many problems will include one or two 2 digit numbers. Keep a running total of products, adding a new product to it at the end of each turn. The first person to reach 500 wins and gets to shout, “500!”. This is currently my class’ favorite math game.


Tic-Tac-Times© – Multiplication Facts PracticeMaterials: Game board and a 10 sided die. Chips or pieces of paper.

Make a tic-tac-toe game board like the one pictured below.  Write a product to a fact (1 through 9) from one fact family in each square.

This game board would work for practicing 2s:


a 12 sided die (or make a spinner with 12 spaces) and multiply it times 2 (or whichever fact family you’re practicing) Place a chip or small piece of paper on the correct answer on the board. The first player to get three in a row wins

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